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Notice of Election

An election is to be held for Parish Councillor for the surrounding areas in the upcoming weeks. Please find below the Notice of Election for each parish council within the local area. The election is to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Parish Council Notice of Election

Ned Smith Memorial Plaque

Following the ceremonial installation of the official paving stone celebrating the centenary of the award of the Victoria Cross to Maryport’s Ned Smith, the Council has agreed to provide a replacement plaque recording his former residence at xxxxxxxxxxx. The original plaque is displayed in St Mary’s Church, having not being required by a former resident of the property, following agreement between members of Ned Smith’s family & the Church.

Maintenance of Waterways

Following a review carried out by the Environment Agency of the 2015 flooding in the area, & a report to the Flimby Flood Group, the Town Council has agreed to introduce a monitoring service for the Maryport & Flimby area.

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Council Surgeries

The Town Council has arranged some public surgeries across the area & members of the public are invited to attend & air their views on Town Council matters, together with issues affecting the Maryport & Flimby area.

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